Things I did after installing Ubuntu 12.04

After a fresh installation of Ubuntu 12.04 there are some things to configure for a perfect system.

1. Whats new?
I found a introduction video and some hints about the new features of Ubuntu 12.04.

2. Disable login sound
If you use your Ubuntu on a public place then you want not to play a sound at startup. There is a solution to disable the sound before the login.

3. Configure Unity
I really like Unity, and finally now it is a little bit more configurable than the previous release of Ubuntu. However, many settings are adjustable only through “CompizConfig Settings Manager” (ccsm):

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Like the previous release of Ubuntu, the fastest way to add new Icons to Unity is to move they manually from the icon folder to the sidebar:


Or, if you want to create own icons then place them into your home folder and move them also with your mouse to the sidebar:


5. Change font size
Like the previous releases of Ubuntu I need an extra tool to change the font size system wide. With the “Advanced Settings” (gnome-tweak-tool) i can set all fonts to a size of 9.

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

6. Using Pidgin
Pidgin integrates itself fine into the identification bar. So you can safely uninstall gwibber and empathy:

sudo apt-get remove gwibber empathy-common

7. Usfull Packages
Here some nice packages which helps a lot in daily work:

  • lo-menubar integrate LibreOffice into global application menu bar by default.
  • synamptics is a graphical package management tool.
  • indicator-multiload displays CPU and Network usage in the indicator area.
  • nautilus-open-terminal adds a right-click “Open Terminal” option into Nautilus.

8. Thunderbird locales
This time I run my system in a en_US.utf8 locale environment, but i don’t like the AM/PM time display in Thunderbird. To get a 24 hour display i add the following line to /etc/default/locale


9. Backup
And finally don’t forget to setup the “Déjà Dup Backup Tool” to run automatically. It will remind you regularly to make a copy of your data.

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